Tom Berg

Tom Berg has been a practicing lawyer here in Iowa for more than 28 years. He focuses his law practice on plaintiff personal injury cases, worker’s compensation disputes and obtaining fair treatment and recognition of all rights in criminal law cases. Tom ensures that those who are charged with criminal offenses have the benefit and protection of their constitutional right to due process of law. Tom follows the example his father set for him since his father was also an attorney. After seeing and experiencing first hand how his father was able to help many individuals, it was not long before Tom knew that law was the profession for him.

Tom is from Spencer, Iowa, which is located in the Northwest corner of the state. He chose to move to Des Moines after graduating from the University of Iowa College of Law. For Tom, Des Moines is an easy choice to make home, because it provides exposure to big city experiences, opportunities and diversity without many of the accompanying difficulties and congestion often associated with larger cities. Tom also enjoys staying close to where he was raised and being able to experience all the great aspects of Iowa living without having to move far away or even leave the state!

Outside of the office, Tom likes watching his kids participate in sporting events, trying his hand at amateur cooking for his family and friends to enjoy, and finding the time to play an occasional round of golf.

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