Checklist for Hiring a Good Car Accident Lawyer in Iowa

Car accidents are a reality for over one hundred thousand people each year in Iowa. In 2021, the Iowa Department of Transportation reported:

  • 122,487 occupants of vehicles involved in accidents
  • 54,483 vehicle crashes
  • 6,359 victims of minor injuries
  • 1,435 serious injuries
  • 356 fatalities

Being involved in a car accident that is another party’s fault means the victim may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost income, property damage, and pain and suffering. Recovering from a car accident is extremely stressful, expensive and time-consuming, and filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit as an individual takes time and resources the victim simply doesn’t have. Hiring a qualified lawyer to build the case and pursue damage claims means the victim can focus on their recovery and receive the compensation they are entitled to under the law.  

Advertisements for legal services are hard to ignore, and the average person going about their daily routine may see several per day on billboards, television and the internet. With so many legal practices and services available, what is a checklist to hire a good car accident lawyer in Iowa? 

What is the Lawyer’s Specialty?

After suffering injuries and property damage in a car accident, a victim should look for a lawyer that specializes in personal injury law. Personal injury lawyers are experts in recovering damages for their clients in a variety of situations, including: 

  • Premises liability: A personal injury lawyer is trained to manage cases for clients who have suffered an injury on someone’s else’s property. 
  • Medical malpractice: While receiving medical treatment, a patient could suffer injury as a result of the negligence of the health care practitioner. A personal injury lawyer can investigate the case and claim damages for their client. 
  • Worker’s compensation: If a client is injured on the job, a personal injury lawyer will build a case to show how negligence at the worksite led to their injuries.
  • Assault:  When a victim is assaulted, it is a crime against the state, and the case will be pursued in a criminal court. However, the victim is also entitled to file a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator to claim damages they suffered as a result of the assault, and this falls under the category of personal injury law. 
  • Car accidents: A personal injury lawyer will be an expert at building a case with the required evidence to prove another party was at fault for their client’s injuries, and claim compensation on their behalf. 

How Much Experience Does the Lawyer Have?

An ideal car accident lawyer will have many years of experience assisting clients with their personal injury claims, and an excellent track record of winning cases. Although a law practice will likely have some more senior attorneys and others that are up-and-coming, the total number of years of experience should reflect the expertise of the law firm as a whole. 

Is the Lawyer Willing to Travel?

Car accidents happen to residents across the state of Iowa, whether in rural or urban areas. The best car accident lawyer for your case may be located in an area far from the victim’s residence, and traveling to their office could be inconvenient and expensive. If a car accident lawyer is willing to travel to the client, it shows their dedication to their client’s case and winning the compensation they are entitled to for their injuries. 

How Easy is it to Contact the Lawyer?

A car accident lawyer should be available by phone, email and for in-person meetings when their client needs them. When making an inquiry, the client should get a response promptly and an appointment to discuss their case. A good car accident lawyer will also offer a free initial consultation and will not charge a client before they have determined they are able to confidently take their case. 

A good car accident lawyer will keep the client up to date with any progress and any documentation requirements the client needs to supply. The lawyer should also offer services in their client’s language. More than 12% of residents in Iowa speak Spanish with 4.4% speaking Spanish as their primary language, and it is ideal if a car accident lawyer can communicate in Spanish. 

What Types of Car Accident Cases Does the Lawyer Handle?

Car Accident Law

Car accident lawyers will handle cases with regular passenger vehicles, but car accident statistics in Iowa show that they are only a part of the spectrum of traffic accidents.  An experienced lawyer will have experience with the reality of different kinds of vehicle accidents, such as heavy trucks, cyclist accidents, and pedestrian accidents

What Types of Compensation Does the Lawyer Discuss During a Consultation?

A good car accident lawyer will review the types of financial compensation the client is entitled to when pursuing a personal injury lawsuit after a car accident. These include:

  • Medical bills, such as ambulance fees, overnight hospital stays, surgeries, prescription drugs, follow-up doctor visits,  physical therapy, and assistive devices. 
  • Lost income from missing work due to recovery time from injuries, attending doctor’s appointments and physical therapy sessions. Accident victims can also lose income if their injuries are permanently debilitating and they can no longer perform the same work-related tasks they could before the accident. 
  • Pain and suffering (also called non-economic damages) experienced as a loss of enjoyment, mental anguish, long-lasting physical pain, and emotional pain. 
  • Property damage to the victim’s vehicle and personal items inside the vehicle. 

What is the Lawyer’s Track Record of Results for Their Clients?

A good car accident lawyer will provide proof of cases they have won on behalf of their clients, and the amount of money they were able to claim for their client’s damages. A track record of real cases, where the lawyer has successfully negotiated for large settlements, means the lawyer will work hard and apply their expertise to a new client and they can expect a similar result. 

When considering hiring a car accident lawyer, it’s essential to not only look at past victories but also how those successes were achieved. An attorney’s approach to investigating accidents, gathering evidence, and presenting cases in the best possible light is crucial for a favorable outcome.

If you have been injured in a car accident, our experienced legal team will build your case and help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us or call us at 515-444-4000 today for a free consultation. 

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