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Dustin Mueller

Dustin Mueller knew at a very young age that he wanted to become a lawyer. Dustin’s father is a personal injury lawyer, and growing up, would share stories about the people he helped in his profession. Dustin has always admired his father, and his passion to pursue law continued to grow as he aged. Like his father, Dustin realized that he wanted to represent people and not giant insurance carriers, so he decided to specialize in Plaintiff’s work, handling primarily workers’ compensation and personal injury cases. Throughout his career, Dustin has represented thousands of injured individuals and has fought insurance carriers to obtain the benefits and compensation his clients deserve. Dustin is from a small town about 60 miles outside of Chicago, and after touring Drake Law School, he was positive he wanted to call Des Moines home! Dustin likes being exposed to the opportunities in the city, and believes Des Moines is the perfect size. As a country boy at heart, Dustin loves that you can travel about 20 minutes in any direction from Des Moines and be in the “middle of nowhere.” When he’s not working, Dustin is either spending time with his family or out in the woods. Dustin has a strong passion for hunting, and as an avid archery hunter, he is always excited to travel to new places all over the world to find the next quest. A couple of his favorite destinations include British Columbia for black bear and Africa for plains game.
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