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Workers’ Compensation Attorney Lawyer – Do I Have a Case?

Workers’ compensation pays monetary and medical benefits to employees who are injured or get ill on the job, as well as cash benefits to the survivors of employees who are killed on the job. Benefits are paid regardless of culpability, and they are the only recourse for employment injuries, il...

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Workers’ Compensation – Opening an Old Work Injury Case

Workers’ compensation is designed to compensate employees who are injured while doing their job. Even occupations that are thought to be less physically demanding can result in debilitating injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and back injuries. Many workers, on the other hand, have pre-exi...

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Workers’ Compensation – Employee Rights

Every state requires employers to provide a reasonably safe and healthy working environment for their employees. When employers fail to meet this responsibility, employees may become injured. Even when every effort has been made to keep a workplace safe, employees might be hurt on the job at any tim...

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Workers’ Compensation – Denied Claims

Workers’ compensation insurance is typically used to cover workplace injuries. Many states mandate that employers be insured in accordance with the industry’s average level of risk. However, if your workers’ compensation claim is denied, you still have options. You may be able to a...

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Head and Brain Workplace Injury Attorney

One of the most prevalent forms of injuries workers sustain on the job is a concussion. They can cause disastrous changes in a person’s cognition, focus, emotions, vision, and physical capacities, rendering him unable to work or engage in day-to-day activities, sometimes permanently. Brain inj...

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Workers’ Compensation Attorneys – Duties of the Employer

If workers are injured on the job, employers can refer them to their insurance company’s worker’s compensation system for high-quality medical care, rapid payment of benefits, and a quick return to work. Unless they qualify for Self-Insured status, Iowa employers must carry Workers’ Co...

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Disability Benefits Attorney

When you are injured or told you have a disability, you may be extremely stressed and terrified about this experience. You’ll probably be concerned about how you’ll support yourself and your family, especially if your condition prohibits you from working. Some of these concerns can be al...

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Construction Accident Attorney

Severe injuries to the head, back, neck, knees, shoulder, extremities, and other essential body parts are common in construction accidents. Construction site accidents sometimes result in deadly or catastrophic injuries. Construction workers who are injured or are fatally wounded on the job may be e...

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